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We offer unique monologues that SHOWCASE your child's talents and help them to be cast in the part or win the competition.  Links to FREE monologues are also available.  Own the stage with Monologues4kids!


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NEW MONOLOGUES include: "The Loneliest T-Rex", "The Cool Kid", "I Quit!", "Let's Go Home, Toto", "Pumpkin Queen", "Presenting Laci", "The Yes Mouse", "Just Leave Me Alone", "Lizard Boy", "My Little Princess" and a new 30 second monologue "Wake Up Alice".  

NEW COMMERCIALS include "Disney Princess Microphone","Snackeez" and "Lucky Charms".  

NEW DUOLOGUES include "Spy Kids", "Little White Lies", "Give a Little Whistle", "Picture Day", "World Peace", "Phone Apocalypse" and "The Reject Line".  

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"Alice in Wonderland"


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