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Special Needs 


Special Needs Monologues or Scenework

Many performers face special challenges.  They might be developmentally disabled or face physical disabilities that limit their audition opportunities.  In this category M4K offers monologues for kids/teens that face additional challenges onstage, auditioning or in their demo reel.  

Gerrie will also be happy to write a custom monologue for you. Call us at 239/848-8961 or email us here the age of the performer, length/timing of the monologue, comedy or dramatic theme and any pertinent information/topics and Gerrie will work with you to create a unique monologue. 

Custom Monologues:     $25.00

Onsite Monologues:         $7.00




"My First Date"      new!

Female. Teen. Total Length: Approx. 1 minute

A first date with a cute boy.  Finally.  But you have NOTHING TO WEAR! 

This monologue was written for a teen with Down's Syndrome with a request for shorter, simpler sentences. 

BONUS:  Included with this order is a short duologue called "Texting a Boy".    

"A date. I have a date. With a boy. A cute boy. Finally! (Suddenly look worried and panicked) But I have nothing to wear.  I have looked at all my clothes. (repeat phrase loudly, slowly and emphatically)  And I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!  What am I going to do?   (Make a gesture with one hand to the side) That is my “I look like I’m 12 years old” clothes pile.  Boring t-shirts.  Ruffles.  And why is everything pink? . . . . "

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